How Parents' Influence Children's Behavior

Tuesday November 13, 2012

By Amy Morin

Have you ever stopped to think how you influence your child's behavior? There are lots of ways that parents play a big role in how their child reacts to the world and manages feelings and behaviors.

The first way is genes. You didn't have much control over this one. Until science advances a little further, you don't get to pick which qualities you pass on to your child. Perhaps you gave your daughter your smile. Or maybe you gave your son a short attention span. Genetics play a role in your child's physical and mental make-up and there's nothing you can do change that.

A parent's temperament also plays a big role in a child's behavior. Your temperament probably isn't something you've spent much time really thinking about. But, you should. The fit between your temperament and your child's temperament can really influence how you manage behaviors.

And lastly, your parenting skills play an important role in your child's behavior. Do you address specific behavior problems? Are you confident in your abilities? Or do you tend to be too tired and stressed sometimes to bother? These sorts of things play a big role in not just how your child acts today, but how he'll act in the future as well.


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