Personal Style of Designer Sue Wong

Friday November 30, 2012

By Justin Howard

JH - How would you define your personal style?

SW - I am a romantic at heart for my work, but in stark contrast, for myself, in the way I dress, I am either a modernist/ minamalist--but in a more intellectual way, as I wear a lot of the Japanese designers: Issey Miyake, Junya Watanabe, Yohji Yamamoto, etc, as well as some of the Antwerp designers like Ann Dullemeister.

Occasionally in the summer months, I go totally exotic, and wear my own ensembles fashioned from gorgeous Indian saris lavishly embellished with beading and embroidery--always paired with killer jewels that are often more pieces of spectacular sculpture--mainly ethnic antiques, Vilaiwan or Monies. I have a strong signature look, and wear my hair slicked back, short and chic.

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Photo Courtesy of Sue Wong.


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