Shanon Trueman


Shanon Trueman is a biologist with more than 15 years of experience in writing and lecturing about various aspects of plant science.


Shanon worked for many years as a contract researcher and writer on biology and plant science, and is currently an adjunct instructor in microbiology. She also worked as a quality assurance director for a potting soil manufacturer, and was responsible for assessing plant response within the potting soil formulations. She has worked with plants both professionally and personally, although while studying plant pathology in college, she found she may have been better suited to killing plants than to keeping them alive.


Shanon holds a bachelor’s degree in agronomy from the University of Connecticut, and a master’s degree in plant pathology from the University of Massachusetts. Her thesis was on the seedborne nature and control of a fungal disease of basil. She was a teaching assistant for courses in plant physiology, diagnostic plant pathology, and diseases of turfgrasses.

From Shanon Trueman:

Without plants, life on this earth would not exist. Whether you are a fan of fragrant flowers, tasty fruits and vegetables, or Venus fly traps, this TopicSite is the place for you to learn about plant anatomy, physiology, medicinal properties, diseases, and much more. My goal is to provide fun and relevant information about plants and their use in everyday life to the casual learner, the student, and the scientist.


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