Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I getting an error message when I sign up?
You shouldn't unless you haven't entered all the information in the required fields. Double-check that each of the registration steps are completed, including matching emails & passwords. If you're still having trouble Contact Us.

Do I have to sign up to start writing content?
Yes, right now it's a requirement of eLuminary. Remember, joining lets you start working with others in order to contribute.

I recently changed my name, how do I update it in my profile?
Sign In and click on your name or image to access your account. You can change your name, email address and password all on your profile page.

How do I get started?
Click the "CREATE" option in the menu bar and if you're signed in, then you'll be taken to the CREATE NEW page. Just select your content type and start writing. If you're not signed in, you'll be prompted to Sign In.

If you haven't registered, then Sign Up. After you Sign Up you'll be taken to the CREATE page to select your content type and start writing.

What happens when I publish my content?
To start, congratulations! Once your content is published, that's it, it's published and everyone can read it. You can start to accumulate contributions for your charity. Be sure that this published version is the version you want to release to the world, because you cannot delete pubished content, but you can make edits, additions or corrections to it.

Can I make changes to my Published content? Add, change or take away images, text...formatting?
Yes you can. You can edit your content as many times as you like. Your changes will be saved and "re" published.

Can I delete my Published content or change it back to Draft status?
No. Once you make your content is published, it stays published. Be sure this is the version you want to release to the world, because you cannot delete it or change its status to Draft. If you're not ready to share your content, Save as Draft first and Publish it later.

Can I make changes or delete someone else's published content?
No. If the content is not a public document such as a Wiki or Question & Answer, then you are unable to edit or delete the document. You can only make changes to a document you own.

Can other users on eLuminary see what I write, if I save my content as Draft?
No.Only you can see your content in Draft status, no one else (unless you copy & paste it somewhere else). Only content that has been published can be read by others. Feel free to publish first - you can always make updates later.

How can I invite others to join eLuminary?
"Sign In" and grab your personal Invite Link located on your profile page. You can post it and share it socially on networks, by email or add to blogs. Or, click "Invite Others" to copy & share

Contact Us?

Email us your feedback, question or issue and we'll get back to you.


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