Digital Age Has Created New Type of Workplace Bully

Thursday March 28, 2013

By Sherri M. Gordon

There is no denying that times have changed. In the past, we primarily dealt with schoolyard name-calling and bullying. But now bullying has progressed to include relational aggression and cyberbullying. And it's no longer limited to schools. These bullies have grown up and infiltrated the workplace.

In fact, in the last few years cyberbullying has become a major issue. But it's not just something that parents, teachers and students must learn to address and respond to. Even workplace bullies are using social media to target and bully others.

Nowadays, workplace bullies ostracize, harass, intimidate and berate their co-workers and it's often done online. They have taken their mean words to various forms of social media including Facebook and Twitter.

What's more, cyberbullying has taken workplace bullying to a whole new level. No longer is the office gossip or rumor mill limited to whispers and stares. Imagine how the word spreads when e-mails, blogs, text messages and Facebook posts broadcast unverified rumors about a target. For instance, in a recent survey, one out of 10 respondents indicated that a manager used information taken from social media sites against them.

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