Book Reports Curry Bullied on Today Show

Sunday April 28, 2013

By Sherri M. Gordon

This week, I read an article about Ann Curry, a former news anchor on the Today show. And, I was sad to learn that she allegedly endured years of bullying that escalated over time, especially as her career with the morning program was coming to an end.

The news of Curry's bullying comes from the book, Top of the Morning: Inside the Cutthroat World of Morning TV, written by New York Times staff writer Brian Stelter. According to an excerpt reported in New York Daily News, staffers from the morning show would routinely make fun of Curry and play cruel pranks on her. Once, they even compared a yellow dress she wore to Big Bird asking "who wore it best?"

In the final months, Stelter reports that Curry likened her experience on the Today show as "professional torture." And, according to his book, the plot against Curry was so sinister that they even named their plans to fire her "Operation Kill Bambi."

These incidents surrounding Curry are shocking. But they also are highly publicized examples of the types of workplace bullying people experience every day in the work force. Whether it is referred to as office politics, office mean girls or workplace bullying, the results are the same. Workplace bullies harm people across the country every day. In fact, the effects of workplace bullying are just as damaging as school bullying, leaving people struggling with anxiety, depression and stress-related conditions.

If you are dealing with workplace bullying, check out these resources. You may find the resources and information you need to help with your situation.

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