Consequences of Bullying Lingering and Far-Reaching

Wednesday July 31, 2013

By Sherri M. Gordon

In late June, I read yet another article where Demi Lovato bravely gives readers an inside look into the consequences of bullying. In the article, she explains that even now as a successful 20-something adult, she has nightmares about the bullying she endured in her teen years.

She explains that she can remember word-for-word what the bullies and mean girls said to her. What's more, these taunts and torments still haunt her causing her nightmares at times. But instead of allowing the bullying to define her, Lovato is fighting back with programs that help others in similar situations.

In addition to being a spokesperson for Secret's Mean Stinks campaign, she also is partnering with CAST Recovery to create the Lovato Treatment Scholarship Program in honor of her father, Patrick Lovato. The scholarship will cover expenses for someone struggling with mental health and/or addiction issues. It also will include costs for one of CAST Recovery's transitional living homes as well as clinical services provided by their outpatient program.

Lovato should be commended for taking steps to help others through these challenges. As a country, we need more people willing to step up and help kids who are being bullied. Research has demonstrated that the consequences from bullying are lingering and far-reaching. Even parents are impacted emotionally by bullying. And, several studies show that the effects of bullying can even affect the adult mind later in life. If we want the next generation of adults to be healthy and productive, we need to take steps now to prevent bullying, to intervene in bullying situations and to address the consequences kids are experiencing.

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