Junior High Filled With Bullying Challenges

Saturday August 31, 2013

By Sherri M. Gordon

It's hard to believe that today marks the second full week of school for my kids. In fact, the first day of school seems forever ago. And the pit of anxiety that was lodged in my stomach is just a distant memory.

There were so many concerns running through my head as I dropped my daughter off at the front door of the junior high that day.

Who will she sit with at lunch? Will she be bullied? What about mean girls and fake friends? Will she know how to spot them? How to avoid them? Will she exposed to peer pressure, bullying and cyberbullying?

Junior high in our community (or possibly middle school in your community) is the most trying time for kids when it comes to bullying. These tweens and teens are growing up quickly. Their bodies are changing and peer relationships are becoming more important. But along with all these changes, kids often cope in the wrong ways. Some might choose to bully or resort to mean behavior in order to cope with the stress of growing up, to fit in or even to climb the social ladder.

And as a parent, it can be exasperating to try to keep up. For this reason, I thought it might be helpful to provide my readers with a few resources to keep on hand. That way, if your child experiences bullying, peer pressure or mean girl behavior, you have something to refer to. Here are my top suggestions for the month:

Coping with Bullying

Consequences of Bullying

Tips for Parents

For additional articles and resources, visit Bullying on About.com.

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