Sherri M. Gordon, Bullying Topic Writer

Sherri M. Gordon is the Bullying Topic Writer and an author of seven books including "Beyond Bruises: The Truth About Teens and Abuse." She's also an advocate for bullying prevention.

Sherri M. Gordon is the author of seven books for tweens and teens including "Beyond Bruises: The Truth About Teens and Abuse" and "Using Technology: A How-To Guide." She also is the former editor of "Columbus Parent" and "Home Living" magazines and a mother of two kids, a boy and a girl. To see a list of Sherri's other books, visit her profile on


As a mom herself, Sherri is passionate about preventing bullying and equipping parents with relevant information. She also has firsthand knowledge and experience with bullying through her own kids' experiences. Sherri has covered bullying for more than 15 years in books, magazines and through online resources. She also has been an active volunteer and advocate for bullying prevention in her community's schools. She has taught training classes on how to address bullying and teen dating violence. Sherri also maintains an informational blog which equips readers with useful information about bullying, teen dating violence and domestic abuse. You can visit her blog at


Sherri has a Bachelor of Arts from Otterbein College in Public Relations and Speech Communications with a minor in English. She also is an active member of the Society for Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. Sherri attends conferences on a regular basis where she keeps up-to-date, not only with writing, but also with the latest trends in bullying and teen dating violence.

From Sherri M. Gordon Bullying Topic Writer:

Although bullying is not a new issue, societal changes and technological advances have made it an ever-changing and evolving issue. In the past, we dealt with the schoolyard bully. But today our children must face not only the schoolyard bully but the cyberbully as well. As a mom, I understand just how heartbreaking bullying can be. My goal is to provide you with the information and resources you need to deal effectively with bullying. Whether your child is the bully, a target of bullies or simply a bystander, you will find what you need to deal with the situation. My hope is that together we can combat bullying and put an end to future incidents.


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