Consequences for Kids Who Bullied Their Bus Monitor

Sunday June 24, 2012

By Amy Morin

A New York school bus monitor who was recently taunted by students on the bus has stated she doesn't want the kids to face legal charges. Karen Klein became famous when a video of the 68 year old bus monitor was teased and ridiculed by junior high kids recently had millions of youtube hits. An online fundraising site has since responded by raising hundreds of thousands of dollars to send Klein on vacation. The behaviors of the children raises the question, what sort of disciplinary action should these kids receive? Klein has stated the parents of the children have been supportive and have said the kids will be "punished." Klein states she hopes the parents will watch the video so they can see how their children behaved. If they aren't going to face legal charges, it will be up to their parents to find appropriate disciplinary action. These kids will need some serious discipline to help them make better choices in the future. A one time consequences isn't likely to lead to change. Instead, they will likely require a lot of ongoing guidance and support to teach them about respect, boundaries, and following rules. Hopefully the children do face some immediate and appropriate consequences. Bullying is a major problem for school districts and society in general. The White House has recently launched efforts to reduce bullying through education and bullying prevention.


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