Managing Your Kid's Behaviors During Summer Vacation

Tuesday July 10, 2012

By Amy Morin

Summer vacation means sun, swimming, and fun for kids while they are free from pencils, homework, and history. All the freedom that summer offers can feel like an endless recess for kids, while for parents it can feel like an overwhelming venture.

The lack of structure that many children experience during summer months can create a difficult transition for some kids. Many parents relax bedtime a little and there is usually a lot less of a routine when compared to school.

The summer time freedom can lead to some kids exhibiting more behavioral issues. Boredom can give way to <a

href="">attention-seeking behaviors. Sibling rivalry is usually on the rise. And some kids seem to forget their manners.

As a result, kids sometimes really struggle to follow the rules and listen to adults. Sometimes they appear to regress as they may start throwing more tantrums, cry more often, or become increasingly argumentative.

It can be helpful for parents to develop a plan of attack in the form of a behavior management plan. This plan can help parents establish how to respond to behavioral with a clear strategy. Daycare providers, babysitters, and family can participate.

A clearly established behavior can really help get your kid's behaviors back on track for the rest of vacation. Establishing a plan can also relieve a lot of caregiver distress as you'll be better prepared with discipline strategies.


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