Extreme Parenting Television Show will Likely Spark Ongoing Parenting Debates

Monday July 16, 2012

By Amy Morin

A new reality television show, Extreme Parenting, is scheduled to air in the Fall. The television show will shed some light on various parenting strategies where parents take some issues to the extreme.

Although research does show there are distinct different parenting styles, this show will highlight people who have invented their own rules. Many of these parents have taken some otherwise good parenting advice and gone overboard.

The idea for the show took off after the idea of attachment parenting became a public phenomenon when Time Magazine featured a mother who breastfed who four-year-old son. Since then, the news has been filled with many controversial parenting stories that have child experts weighing in.

Some parenting ideas are like fads that come and go in popularity. Often, they are grounded in some sound advice but they can get taken overboard. Sadly, when parents lose common sense and begin taking anything to the extreme, it is the kids who suffer.

When determining what sort of discipline strategy will be most effective for your child, it is important to look at what you hope your child will learn from the experience.

The downside to highlighting extreme parenting practices is that they can gain a lot of attention when celebrities endorse them. On the bright side, maybe the show will give some other parents confidence in the fact that they aren't doing so bad after all!


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