Does Spanking Promote Aggressive Behaviors in Children?

Thursday August 2, 2012

By Amy Morin

A recent study by Tulane University says yes, spanking children promotes aggressive behaviors. The study found that when children under the age of 5 were spanked at least two times per month, they behaved more aggressively. The study also reports that most parents in America believe in spanking their children.

There's a variety of reasons parents spank their children. Even with many such studies reporting the negative impact that spanking can have on a child's behaviors and mental health, many parents report they aren't sure what else to do.

It is important for parents to learn discipline strategies other than spanking. There are lots of ways parents can teach new skills and promote healthy behaviors without using corporal punishment.

Spanking can be a viscious cycle to break. If you spank, your child may behave more aggressively. This can lead to more spanking to handle the aggression. It is important to learn new ways to respond to aggressive behaviors.

For some parents, spanking seems to become almost a habit. And it can seem like the first and only option to deal with just about every behavior. Whether kids are whining, complaining, or behaving oppositionally, they get spanked. It is important for parents to recognize they have many other options when disciplining children that can be more effective.


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