What Privileges Can You Take Away as a Form of Discipline?

Sunday August 5, 2012

By Amy Morin

In today's world, it should be easier than ever to find privileges to take away from kids when they misbehave. Cell phones, video games, laptops, television...the list goes on an on.

Just think, what did parents take away from kids back in the 1930s? Thank goodness today's world ensures that kids have everything they could ever need...and then some.

It's imperative that kids know that all of their toys and gadgets aren't a right. They are a privilege. A privilege that can be taken away when parents want to discipline their kids.

Sometimes, parents will say to me, "But he bought it with his own money. I can't take it away from him," when referring to his skateboard, cell phone, or computer. Actually you can take it away! It's your house. You get to make the rules.

Don't let kids have privileges when they don't earn them. Learn how to take away privileges when kids are disrespectful, non-compliant, or otherwise misbehaving. And teach them the skills they need to become a more responsible adult.


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