Should Kids Get Paid for Doing Chores?

Wednesday August 8, 2012

By Amy Morin

Parents sometimes debate the issue of whether or not gets should get paid for doing chores. Some might reason that yes, just like adults get paid to go to work, kids should get paid to work as well. On the flip side of the argument, parents might say that as part of a family, doing chores is just something that everyone needs to pitch in and do.

Kids don't necessarily need to earn money for their chores. They could earn privileges instead. For example, you could make cell phone time linked to getting chores done. Older teens, however, can benefit from earning money to start learning how to manage money.

The important thing is that kids need to have chores. Chores can be helpful to kids in a lot of ways and will prepare them for becoming responsible adults.

So it is important to motivate them to do their chores with either money or other incentives. Equally important is that you take away these privileges when they don't do their chores. These positive and negative consequences can keep kids motivated to mop, sweep, and clean their little hearts out!


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