Is the Chore App a Good Discipline Tool?

Tuesday August 21, 2012

By Amy Morin

There's a new app called Choremonster that is aimed at getting kids to do chores. The premise is that parents can set up an electronic point system. Kids earn points for doing their chores which can later be exchanged for rewards.

Although there seems to be a lot of outrage from parents who think this is a form of bribery or slavery, I do think there is value in it when it is done appropriately. Chores teach kids important skills.

Kids should earn most of their privileges. Things like watching television, playing with video games, and going to the zoo shouldn't just be given to kids. They should earn these sorts of extras in life.

Sadly, many kids (and parents) seem to believe that kids have a right to get whatever they want no matter how they behave. Unfortunately, this isn't how the rest of the world works. People don't get paid unless they actually do work at their job.

Kids should not have to earn things like affection or attention from their parents. However, earning extra money or even a later bedtime should be linked to their ability to be responsible.

A reward system certainly does not need to be high-tech. Parents can use a simple chart with gold stars or a token economy system to promote good behaviors. But some kids (and parents) may find some extra motivation when they earn electronic points.


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