Getting Kids to Do Their Homework

Tuesday September 18, 2012

By Amy Morin

Homework can be the last thing on your child's mind when he gets home. Many kids have after school activities that take up much of their free time. Then when they finally arrive home at the end of the day, they'd much prefer to talk to their friends, play some video games or watch TV.

Although some schools, like Gaithersburg Elementary School in Maryland, actually got rid of homework for all students. School administrators felt kids were getting too many worksheets. So instead of worksheets, all students are asked to read for 30 minutes a night.

But if your child isn't lucky enough to go to a school that has banned homework, how do you ensure they get their homework done? Many parents resort to nagging.

A babysitter in North Carolina would advise against nagging. She told the thirteen-year-old she was babysitting to do his homework and he pulled a knife on her. She had to call 911 after he threatened to stab her.

Although most kids won't threaten your life when you nag them, it still isn't a good idea. There are some more effective ways to get kids to do their homework.


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