Parents Need a Discipline Back Up Plan

Sunday October 14, 2012

By Amy Morin

It's important to have a back up for what to do when your discipline strategy isn't working. For example, if you tell your child to go to time out and he refuses, what will you do?

If you don't have a plan you risk resorting to yelling, trying to force him to go to time out or sounding as though you are begging him to go. Or maybe you'll resort to making a ridiculous threat like, "If you don't go you'll never be allowed to play video games ever again!" Yikes. Don't worry though. Most parents have been there.

You can solve this issue by having a discipline toolbox. A discipline toolbox is a great strategy to help parents remember the back up plan. For example, step one might be a warning. Step two might be time out. And step three would be taking away a privilege. That way if he refuses to go to time out, parents can enforce a more serious consequence.

Once kids know that a more serious consequence will be imposed, it can help them to make a better decision. Knowing that if he doesn't go to time out he'll lose his favorite toy for the rest of the day, he might opt to take the quick time out.


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