Do Kids with ADHD Need Medication?

Tuesday October 23, 2012

By Amy Morin

There's always been a big debate about whether or not kids with ADHD really need medication. There's concerns that ADHD is overdiagnosed and kids are overmedicated. So many parents of kids who have been diagnosed with ADHD are left to wonder, does my kid need medication?

Medication is only one way to treat ADHD and I can't blame parents for wanting to use it as a last line of defense. There are certainly other strategies parents can use to try and help kids before they resort to medication.

There are some behavioral strategies parents can use to help coach kids with ADHD. These behavioral strategies help kids learn how to manage their behaviors better and they can become more accountable for their behaviors. It also teaches kids skills to behave better at home and at school.

Here are 8 parenting strategies to help kids with ADHD. Try these first before administering medication and see if you can help your child by making behavioral interventions.


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