Kids Who Love to Argue and Debate

Monday November 5, 2012

By Amy Morin

There are just some kids out there who get great joy out of pushing their parents' buttons. They love to argue and enjoy a good debate. If you tell them to do something, they'll come up with 101 reasons why they shouldn't do it, especially not right now. They love to suck their parents' into a power struggle.

To the parents of kids who love to argue, may you be blessed with patience. It can be exhausting to deal with these kiddos day in and day out.

These same kids can often be very good sometimes too. When they want to behave, they can be incredibly loving and charming. They certainly have many great qualities.

However, if you try to get them to do something they don't want to do, it can be a different story. They tend to look for an exception to the rule. They'd rather spend the next hour explaining to you why they shouldn't do what you are asking rather than get to the task. And often, they come up with some valid arguments.

Getting kids who love to argue to comply can sometimes take more energy than its worth. Parents sometimes throw in the towel. It's easier just to pick his shoes up for him rather than spend 20 minutes trying to convince him he should pick them up. However, it's not healthy for kids if their parents don't give them the discipline they need.

There are some ways to get kids to do what you want without engaging in a power struggle. Check out these strategies to avoid power struggles with kids. It can save you a of time and can help you maintain your sanity if you can avoid those power struggles!


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