What Happened to Self-Discipline?

Tuesday February 5, 2013

By Amy Morin

I wonder if technology is partly to blame when it comes to a lack of self-discipline these days. Ever seen a kid waiting for something to happen? Most kids just can't seem to tolerate waiting for anything.

We live in a world filled with instant gratification. Need information? You can find it on the internet in a matter of seconds. Need something to eat? Microwave it for 60 seconds and it'll be hot. Can't force yourself to sit through a commercial break? Press fast forward on the remote.

Ever seen a kid press a button on a computer and try to wait while the computer "thinks?" Most kids just start hitting more buttons. It kills them to wait 15 seconds. Or when is the last time you saw a kid waiting in a doctor's office without a phone or video game in his hand?

It's no wonder a lot of parents feel like they're fighting an uphill battle to get their kids to be more disciplined. In a world filled with technology and instant gratification, it can be difficult.

However, there are eight strategies parents can use to help kids learn self-discipline skills.

When kids have self-discipline they can behave more responsibly and independently. They can tolerate feeling uncomfortable and can take responsibility for their behaviors.


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