Should Parents be Rewarded for their Kids' Good Behavior?

Wednesday February 13, 2013

By Amy Morin

Parents recently made national headlines when they posted their receipt from a restaurant visit on Facebook. The couple received a $4 discount for having well-behaved kids, certainly an unheard of discount to say the least.

Usually we talk about kids getting rewards for behaving, not the parents. But this topic has sparked national interest. It makes many people wonder, should the parents be the ones to get rewarded since they are the ones managing the child's behavior?

However, parents aren't responsible for all of their children's behaviors. Parents of kids with special needs may use the best parenting techniques in the world but it may not lead to "well-behaved" status.

I don't think we'll find agreement on this topic anytime soon. After all, there isn't ever really much of a resolution about whether or not kids should be rewarded for their good behavior, let alone the parents.


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