Sometimes Grandma Knows Best when it Comes to Child Discipline

Tuesday May 28, 2013

By Amy Morin

I often hear a lot of parents concerned about how grandparents spoil their children. Sometimes, it's very true.

I hear about how grandparents let kids to stay up too late, feed them too much candy and don't follow Mom and Dad's rules. However, sometimes, Grandma knows best.

Things were different of course, when grandparents were raising their kids. They didn't have to worry about things like M rated video games. Cyberbullying hadn't even been invented. And sexting certainly wasn't on their radar.

As a result, it can make many parents think that any grandparent has got to be a little "old fashioned." After all, how could rules from 50 years ago still be relevant today?

However, sometimes a grandparents' wisdom holds true over time. Despite the ways the world has changed, there are still some ways of life that just don't change.

When it comes to child discipline, Grandma's rule is still very relevant and appopriate. In fact, it can be a very effective form of discipline.

Learn more about Grandma's rule and how you can apply it to your discipline strategies.


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