Child Behavior Problems After a Divorce

Tuesday June 4, 2013

By Amy Morin

It's certainly not unusual for children to misbehave when their parents are going through a divorce. After all, almost everything in their world suddenly gets turned upside down and they have no control over any of it.

The worst part is, during this tumultuous time, kids don't get to enjoy the comfort of being in the same home as both parents. Instead, their time is often split between the two.

And unfortunately, sometimes kids get put in the middle. They often have a lot of questions about where they will live. Younger kids especially often dream about their parents getting back together. And many children worry about being loyal to both parents.

A child's turmoil is often exhibited through behavior. During a divorce, children may exhibit regressive behavior. It's not unusual for a 5-year-old to begin sucking his thumb or an 8-year-old to begin throwing temper tantrums again.

Parenting a child during a divorce is complicated as parents face being a single parent while also grieving the end of the marriage. Attempting to help a child cope while dealing with the stress of a pending divorce, financial changes and possible changes in living situation is difficult to say the least, especially when the child is exhibiting increased behavior problems.

There are some things parents can do to help kids after a divorce and to manage behavior problems. Learn more about discipline after divorce and find out how you can help your child deal with the changes successfully.


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