Father's Day Can be Complicated After Divorce

Wednesday June 12, 2013

By Amy Morin

Father's Day can bring up a lot of issues for families after divorce. Custody issues, step-fathers, visitation and other other complications can make Father's Day a little more complicated.

I work with a lot of families where divorce can complicate any holiday. Mother's Day and Father's Day can bring up a lot of difficulties and raw emotion.

Of course, dads want to see their kids on Father's Day. Sometimes divorced dads get to, sometimes they don't. Often, it's in the hands of the judge who decides where kids spend their time.

The complications associated with divorce and visitation can be confusing and frustrating for children. It often leads to behavior problems that can get worse when parents don't get along.

It would be nice if all divorced parents could work out smooth schedules for kids that made their lives fairly simple. However, that's rarely the case. Instead, divorce tends to make everyone's lives more complicated.

Learn more about how to discipline children after divorce so they can feel supported and you can reduce behavior problems. Co-parenting is important at all times, including holidays like Father's Day.


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