How to Avoid Arguing With Your Kids During Summer Vacation

Friday June 21, 2013

By Amy Morin

Summer vacation for kids often means freedom from homework, sleeping in later and having more time for fun. However, for many parents, it means more arguments and less compliance as kids escape their usual routine.

There's just something about summer vacation that makes some kids feel entitled to not have to do anything. Tell them to clean their room and they'll argue. Ask them to put their clothes away and they'll promise to do it later.

It can drive some parents crazy as kids tend to become less compliant over summer vacation. It can lead to a lot of arguments as parents insist kids do what they're told and kids try to assert their independence.

Talking back, non-compliance and outright defiance can be common. However, there are some ways parents can avoid getting into arguments with kids during summer vacation.

One way is to instill plenty of structure into a child's day. Many kids need a schedule or routine and when school ends, they just aren't sure how to handle all the free time.

Setting time aside each day for activities such as reading, outside time and chores can help kids form some sort of routine which can eliminate some behavior problems.

Another way to eliminate arguments is to use if...then statements. This can be a great way to reduce talking back and non-compliance.


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