Use Restitution to Discourage Sibling Rivalry and Preserve the Relationship

Tuesday June 25, 2013

By Amy Morin

A new study has emerged showing the potential damage sibling rivalry can have on children. Obviously, some sibling rivalry is normal. However, when it becomes severe it can be just as damaging as any other bullying.

Sibling rivalry needs to be addressed. Although many parents want to ignore it or allow kids to figure it out for themselves, it can be very harmful.

Just because conflict stops doesn't mean it didn't damage anyone. If one child is being bullied or abused, it can cause a lot of emotional damage. Abuse doesn't have to physical either. Emotional abuse can certainly scar kids too.

Parents should monitor situations where kids are trying to problem-solve or reach a fair deal. Ensure that one child is being taken advantage of or being pressured into doing something.

Parents should intervene before anything gets out of control. There should be clear household rules and either child violates those rules, there needs to be a negative consequence.

Restitution can be a great negative consequence that discourages the behavior from being repeated. Restitution can be an excellent way to preserve the relationship while helping kids learn to make healthier choices next time.

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