Don't Let Electronics Babysit Your Kids This Summer

Wednesday July 3, 2013

By Amy Morin

There are certainly many upsides to technology when it comes to parenting. After all, technological advances can make it so your kids can learn how to read with a little help from a leapfrog. And you can keep track of your kids' hectic schedules right from your iPhone.

Not to mention, you're much less likely to hear, "Mom, I'm bored!" when kids have laptops, cell phones, and video games within their reach. This can be especially handy over the long summer vacation.

However, there are many downsides to kids having too much access to technology. It's unhealthy for them in several ways. It's important for parents to set rules with electronics and limit a child's screen. Learn more about the importance of establishing rules with electronics and limiting screen time.

It can feel overwhelming to come up with rules to limit your child's use of TV, video games, smartphones and computers. Not only do kids need help establishing healthy time limits, but they also need rules that will keep them emotionally and physically safe.

In a world that is so dependent on technology, it can seem like an overwhelming task to suddenly start imposing a lot of limitations on kids' use of various technological devices. However, it's pretty essential to their health and well-being.

If you're looking to limit your children's electronic use this summer, check out these 10 tips for setting limits on electronics and screen time.


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