Setting Electronics Rules for Teenagers

Saturday July 6, 2013

By Amy Morin

It can be hard to know what sorts of rules teens need when it comes to electronics. After all, today's technology is new territory for parents. We certainly didn't grow up with smartphones, laptops, iPods, or X-Box 360s. The concept of Facebook hadn't been invented and no one had heard of "sexting."

Since it's new territory for parents, it can be difficult to know what limits to set with kids. After all, technology for teens emerges much faster than most parents' rules.

However, it can be quite detrimental to teens to allow them to have an all access pass to technology. It's not good for their physical or emotional health. It can also wreak havoc on a teen's social skills.

But when most parents attempt to set some limits on electronics, the response is usually, "But all my friends get to do that!" It can seem like an uphill battle.

If you're stumped when it comes to setting rules for your teen in regards to cell phone, video game, TV, and other electronics use, check out this list of sample electronics rules for teenagers.


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