Baby Talk in Toddlers and Older Kids

Wednesday September 18, 2013

By Amy Morin

Baby talk has a place. It's acceptable for babies and toddlers. However, kids shouldn't be using baby talk when during the preschool years and beyond.

When babies begin talking, it's good for parents to talk back to them using "baby talk." Saying words like "horsie" and "kitty" serves a purpose.

However, if your 5-year-old reverts back to baby talk, it's a problem. It's not cute. It's likely to annoy his teachers and scare away his peers.

A lot of kids use baby talk when they're going through certain phases. It can be caused because they're nervous about school or dealing with a difficult situation, such as a divorce. It may also result when kids wish being coddled and held like a baby.

The way you respond to a child who uses baby talk will make a big difference in how long the phase lasts. If it receives positive reinforcement, it's likely to continue.

Take steps to curb baby talk when it starts and you'll extinguish it quickly. Check out these 5 ways to stop baby talk.


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