Why Does My Child Act that Way?

Tuesday October 15, 2013

By Amy Morin

Ever throw your hands up in exasperation by your child's behavior? If so, you aren't alone. Kids behave strangely. It's just a fact.

There may be days your child seems to be the best behaved kid in the world. Cherish those days. Because they aren't likely to occur all that often.

Kids aren't robots. They aren't meant to just blindly follow the rules. Instead, they sometimes question authority, break the rules, and test limits just because they want to.

It's likely there are days where you just have no idea where certain behaviors come from. Regressive, aggressive, and progressive behavior may all occur in the same day. And your discipline strategies may not have changed a bit.

Instead, your child may be misbehaving for many reasons. Check out these 10 Surprising Reasons Why Children Misbehave to gain a better understanding of why your child acts that way.


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