If Time Out Isn't Working...Keep Trying!

Monday November 4, 2013

By Amy Morin

I hear a lot of parents say, "Time out just doesn't work with my child." When I ask them what happens when they place their child in time out, they say things like, "My child won't stay in time out," or "He just yells and screams the whole the time."

If you're having some problems with time out, don't give up! It's likely that some of the behaviors you are seeing are because your child is protesting. That means time out is an effective consequence.

Just like anything, time out takes practice and perseverance. If your child can weasel his way out of time out, you'll teach him that misbehavior is effective in getting him what he wants.

Instead, resolve to find ways to make time out work. It can be a very effective discipline strategy. If you're having problems with time out, read this.


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