By Tiffany Black, Topic Writer

[an error occurred while processing this directive]You have been staring at your cover photo for a few days, maybe even a few weeks, and it is now a stale and boring image. Time to update it. Here are three ideas for fun and creative ways (and reasons) to update your cover photo.

1. Special Occasions

ALT Holidays are always a good excuse to change your cover photo. Just think about how Google changes their logo for holidays and special occasions. You can do the same thing with your Facebook cover photo. If it's the anniversary of your business or the start of fall, change the image to something that highlights the occasion.

2. Fan-Tastic

ALT Get the people who Like your Facebook page to help you choose the next cover photo. You can give them a few options to choose from. Or you can solicit images from the people who like your page. Make it a contest and the prize is to have their image featured. Panasonic Australia picks a user submitted photo to feature every week. The catch is that the user had to use a Panasonic product to take the picture.

3. Product Feature

ALT If your business sells products, the Facebook cover photo is a great way to showcase what you offer. But remember that you have to follow Facebook's guidelines. It cannot look like an ad meaning it can't include product price or a direct link to buy the product anywhere on the image.

Have any other ideas for unique ways to utilize the cover photo? Share them in the comments section below.


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