Facebook Makes Having Multiple Page Admins Easy

Monday September 17, 2012

By Tiffany Black

If there are several people that manage your Facebook Page, you are probably using a 3rd party product like Hootsuite to assign levels of access and control. But thanks to an update Facebook made earlier this summer, you can assign admin roles for your Facebook Page in Facebook.

Previously, all admins had equal access to create posts, view insights, manage applications, respond to fans and edit page settings. Facebook now offers five different levels of page admin privileges so that you can assign roles to different people without giving up full control of the page. The new roles are "manager," "content creator," "moderator," "advertiser" and "insights analyst." Check out what each role can do and see if assigning admin roles works for your organization.

Also, don't forget to try the Facebook Pages Manager app. The app is designed to help you easily manage your Facebook Pages from your iPhone or iPad. Pages Manager makes it easy to access all of your pages, wherever you are.


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