What is Facebook EdgeRank?

Friday October 12, 2012

By Tiffany Black

You might have heard of Facebook Insights which are metrics around your content on Facebook pages. But have you heard of Facebook EdgeRank? EdgeRank is an algorithm that determines what items will populate Facebook users news feed. EdgeRank combined with Insights helps page managers to understand what content may or may not be appearing in the news feeds of users who have "liked" their pages and what content performs better with their audience.

According to EdgeRank.net: EdgeRank is like a credit rating: it's invisible, it's important, it's unique to each user, and no one other than Facebook knows exactly how it works. Taking this in to account there are a few things you can do to improve your EdgeRank:

  • Understand your audience.
  • Create content that elicits a response.
  • Post at times when more people will see it.
  • The type of content you post is important.
For more on how EdgeRank is calculated, the "People Talking About This" metric, and how to figure out your EdgeRank go to Facebook.About.com.


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