Cyber Giving Every Day With Facebook

Wednesday November 28, 2012

By Tiffany Black

Facebook recently re-launched Gifts this fall after shuttering its original Gifts service in 2010, but with a twist. You can give your friends and family typical gifts such as flowers and candy or non-traditional gifts such as iTunes digital gifts and hand-blown Moroccan Glasses, made from recycled glass and just about anything in between.

You can also give charitable gifts. Facebook currently has 11 non-profit partners, including the American Red Cross, the Boys and Girls Club of America and Livestrong. Each time you buy a charitable Facebook Gift, you have the option of choosing a non-profit recipient or letting your friend you're gifting choose - a new twist on making a charitable contribution in the name of in lieu of a gift.

There are also apps to make gift-giving on Facebook easy. Try Giftwhip, Treater or Wrapp. Check out How to Give Gifts on Facebook for more detailed information.


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