Designer Matthew Williamson Does Havaianas

Friday August 31, 2012

By Justin Howard

British fashion designer Matthew Williamson teams up with Brazilian flip flop line Havaianas for a new collaboration. Don't worry, Matthew is not designing flip flops, no he is designing rain boots known in the UK as 'wells.'

You know designer Matthew Williamson's work from his past collaborations with H&M in 2009 and the limited-edition capsule line he did last year for Macy's.

For his latest collaboration, Matthew turned south to join forces with Havaianas to celebrate their 50th anniversary. For their fall 2012 line, Matthew created two pairs of fabulously colored rain boots in turquoise and peacock-patterned.

"I'm drawn to the way Havaianas capture playfulness and light-heartedness in their products - there is clearly an element of fun," designer Matthew Williamson told Vogue UK "I wanted to embrace this sensibility in the rain boots and so chose prints that were whimsical without being kitsch."

Photo Courtesy of Havaianas / Matthew Williamson


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