New Book "Alexander McQueen: The Life and The Legacy."

Thursday November 1, 2012

By Justin Howard

When someone famous like fashion designer Alexander McQueen ends their life in tragedy, especially by their own hand, legends start to form around them. In an effort to sort fact from fiction, Central Saint Martin's fashion historian Judith Watt penned a new book "Alexander McQueen: The Life and The Legacy."

In it, fashion historian Judith Watt takes an in-depth look at the life and times of fashion designer Alexander McQueen, diving into his fashion collection and the inspiration behind it.

Author Judith Watt says "I want people to get the scale of him, the scale of his ideas, and his great collaborations with artists -they were phenomenal. There are a handful of truly great British designers, and he's one of them."

"Alexander McQueen: The Life and The Legacy" is published by Harper Design and will be on sale October 30, 2012.

Photo Courtesy of Harper Design.


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