Behind The Scenes With Designer Alexandra Yushkova

Friday November 30, 2012

By Justin Howard

JTH - What is the inspiration behind your company line?

AY - The inspiration behind our line is a client I once had when I was a designer at another company. She was a busy, modern woman on the go who always had to travel and could never decide what to take with her, clotheswise.

She wanted to be fashionable and appropriate for every weather and occasion, without having to pack her entire closet every time she left for somewhere. So from her constant frustrations, I got the idea to start a line of clothing that could simply her life as well as every other go getter out there because I didn't feel having to sacrifice style for space was the only option.

If what you wear is your statement to the world, let Yushkova clothing help keep that statement as personalized and yet simply as possible for you.

JTH - What is your favorite piece from your collection?

AY - My favorite piece from the collection is one of the first and most well known, the Olive Convertible Coat.

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Photo Courtesy of YAY


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