The Bra AKA The Underwear Files

Monday December 31, 2012

By Justin Howard

As the saying goes "A good bra is hard to find, comfortable, supportive, always lifts you up, makes you look better, never lets you down or leaves you hanging, and always close to your heart," and to that end, I decided to make finding a good bra easier.

Bra Pairing -

If you are planning to go out shopping for a bra that goes along with a 'special outfit', I suggest wearing the 'special outfit' during the bra fitting. I can't stress enough the fact that you don't know how the bra will make you look until you try it on. If you wear the 'special outfit' during the bra fitting, then you solve both problems of how your breasts look with the bra on and how they fit with your look.

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Photo Courtesy of Justin Howard.


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