Berqclé by Estrella Cristina

Thursday February 28, 2013

By Justin Howard

In part two of my interview with designer Estrella Cristina, we chatted about the inspiration behind her new line, Berqcle and her other creative influences.

Justin Howard - "What inspired the Berqclé look? Was it a moment in time?"

Estrella Cristina - "You know, outside of music, I have taken inspiration from things like world travel and different time periods. I specifically had in mind the flair and vivaciousness of Latin culture when I chose red as one of the splash colors for this debut line. I was also very much inspired by the sense of elegance and class of dress from the Victorian period as well as Parisian aesthetics and the sense of occasion present in periods before. I am very much drawn to the idea of exuding elegance and sophistication and at the same time being able to reflect mystery and confidence without sacrificing classiness. Each garment meant to inspire both the wearer and the viewer with the feeling and rush of walking into the unknown and unexpected"

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Photo Courtesy of Estrella Cristina.


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