Beauty in Essex

Sunday March 31, 2013

By Justin Howard

Being addicted to reality TV shows like The History Channel's "Pawn Stars", I wanted to take a closer look at the pawn shop in the Manhattan hotspot of Beauty & Essex. What interested me especially about the pawn shop was its curated retail fashion collection, featuring items like designer handbags made out of 14k gold. To that end I took at moment to chat with fashion broker Lauren Kaminsky, seeing what it takes to run this Manhattan hotspot.

Beauty in Essex

JH - I love how you have mentioned that you are basically a fashion psychic, you get the feel and vibe of a piece. That is a great line there.

LK - It is the only way. I have grown up in this business and I have come across, I literally have gone through the worst of jewelry and then the best of jewelry. I have seen a lot of it and I am only 24 years old. It is really about using your hands and just touching things, feeling the quality of the craftsmanship and knowing why you are drawn to that piece at first. There is so much to go through in a day.

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Photo courtesy of Beauty & Essex


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