Welcome to the "Emerald City"

Sunday March 31, 2013

By Justin Howard

During a recent trip to the El Paseo Fashion Week in Palm Springs, I had the pleasure of running into the couture designer Joe Vilaiwan. During our chat, Joe told me how he was commissioned by Disney, the Hollywood studio to create the 'official' jewelry line for their newest film "Oz, The Great & Powerful."

Welcome to the "Emerald City"

JTH - Why 'Oz, the Great & Powerful? How did you get started on the idea of doing a jewelry line dedicated to the film?

JV - I couldn't have had a better project to debut my couture jewelry to the larger world. I started by finding the elements that spoke to me the most. As a jewelry designer, I couldn't resist the witches. They're a lot of fun--you can go a little over the top and be very vampy. I made each piece in the collection to be some of my boldest work ever. They're meant to capture the vivid imagery in the books and the movies, so I made couture jewelry that would be classic, wearable art that will be passed along and treasured.

For more on my exclusive interview with Designer Joe Vilaiwan on his new the "Emerald City" collection for the Disney film "Oz, the Great & Powerful" check out my fashion column on About.com

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Photo Courtesy of Joe Vilaiwan


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