A Fashionable Prom

Tuesday April 30, 2013

By Justin Howard

Every young fashionista comes to the day when she will have to go shopping for the perfect prom dress. Not only does she have to decide if she will go with a strapless neckline, but she has to choose the best color for her dress, all while being on point to this season's new trends.

So to make your life easier this Prom Season, here are a couple of pointers from David's Bridal fashion buyer Lisa Dibello.

A Fashionable Prom

Justin Howard - What are your top three best-sellers, the 'I have to try these on before anything else' gowns?

Lisa Dibello - The top looks are anything in pink blush, it is the big, big color this season. You would definitely be on trend if you picked anything in pink blush.

Again I would say a 'high low.' If you picked anything in a 'high low' silhouette it is very trendy this year. You should at least try one on as it is the new, fun emerging dress.

For more on my exclusive interview with David's Bridal fashion buyer Lisa Dibello, check out my fashion column on About.com

Photo Courtesy of David's Bridal


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