iiJin Opens In Los Angeles

Friday May 31, 2013

By Justin Howard

Famous in Hong Kong and Mainland China for the fashion brand's invisible heel shoes that can add 2 to 5 inches to your height without anyone knowing. iiJin is fast becoming a favorite with the Hollywood elite including Mario Lopez, Vanessa Hudgens, Kelly Clarkson, and Zooey Deschanel all for the same reason - height.

I was introduced to the line during the launch of their women's clothing line "The Love Revolution" at Los Angeles Fashion Week. Their star-studded fashion show then launched them to a wider audience in America thanks to very favorable coverage via "The Insider", "Access Hollywood", and "EXTRA."

Stay tuned for the opening of iiJin's flagship US store to open this summer in the artistic district of Robertson Boulevard in Los Angeles.

For more on my interview with fashion designer June of iiJin check out my fashion column on About.com

Photo Courtesy of iiJin


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