Susan Finch


After spending 11 years in New York City, Susan Finch returned to her native Atlanta. She loves exploring the city again as a resident tourist with her husband and daughter.


Susan spent a decade working as a video editor on national commercials and films in New York City. She eventually took her love of storytelling into the world of travel writing and beyond. Susan's work has appeared in five travel guides, Encore Atlanta, KNOW Atlanta, Fit Atlanta, The Boston Globe, The LA Times, Mothering,, Family Vacation Survival Guide and numerous other outlets. Susan is also the author of the app Atlanta with Kids and New York City Outdoor Adventures. Susan previously served as the Associate Editor at My Family Travels and is currently working on an Atlanta travel guide with Frommer's.


Susan studied Film and Video at Georgia State University in Atlanta and worked as a video editor before pursuing her love of writing.

From Susan Finch:

Wherever I've lived in my life, Atlanta always remains home. I'm happy to be back in the city exploring old favorites and new finds. I love traveling both the well-worn path and off the beaten track and sharing new discoveries with my readers. Find out more about Atlanta travel by connecting with me on Twitter or Facebook.


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