Christie D'Anna


Christie D'Anna is a hydroponics enthusiast with a lifelong passion for gardening and over seven years of experience in hydroponic gardening. She started her first small hydroponic garden in 2005, a small herb garden in the closet of her Los Angeles apartment. She was immediately hooked on growing her own fresh food at home and has had a hydroponic garden in every place she has lived since then.


In addition to her work for, Christie has helped many people set up hydroponics systems in their own homes. She is as passionate about teaching and helping others with hydroponics as she is about her own gardens.


Christie has a Anthropology from California State University, Dominguez Hills.

From Christie D'Anna:

Thanks for visiting Hydroponics! Through this site I will share my thoughts and opinions about all different topics having to do with hydroponic gardening. I'll discuss my personal experiences, thoughts on new products and news stories, the reasons why I got into hydroponic gardening and why I am still passionate about it. I hope you will enjoy it!


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