Using Summer Produce for Sorbet

Thursday August 9, 2012

By Kimberly Kunaniec


Do you have a garden? Even a small garden can produce more produce than a family can eat. If you have fruit trees or bushes, you may have found yourself wondering what to do with all the extras. Fresh fruit are is so sweet and flavorful that they are -- the perfect choices for making sorbets.

At the peak of summer, fruits like berries, mangos, peaches, and plums are at their peak. June is peak growing time for cherries in North America, too. Berries and mangos make especially yummy sorbets. Or, strawberries and raspberries can be reduced to make delicious sauces and syrups to top your ice creams.

One of my favorite summer recipes is Mango Sorbet. If you've never tried one before, mango has a creamy texture and a tropical flavor that makes this sorbet recipe so refreshing.

Bonus Tip: If you buy a mango that isn't quite ripe, store it in a brown paper bag that is loosely closed and it will begin to ripen!

Take advantage of the great flavors in your garden to make even better desserts. Check out a fruit seasonality chart to find out when your favorite fruits and berries will be in season.

Image © Kimberly Kunaniec


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