Tips for Cooking with Lemons

Tuesday August 28, 2012

By Kimberly Kunaniec

Lemon is a great summer fruit that can be used in many frozen desserts. If you are new to cooking with lemon, check out these great tips working with this tart fruit:

  1. Lemon juice freezes well. If you have a tree which is producing too many lemons, juice them and separate the juice into small Ziploc bags (1 cup of juice is a great amount). Lay the bags flat on a pan and freeze. They are easy to stack and defrost quickly.

  2. Smaller lemons are typically juicier than large ones. However, if you have a recipe that calls for the juice of a lemon instead of a measurement, start by adding half the juice and then taste the result. Then you will find the perfect level of acidity for your taste.

  3. Lemons are great as the star of a frozen dessert. Lemon granita or sorbet is a great palate cleanser after a heavy meal. They are both cooling on a hot day.

  4. A splash of lemon can brighten up many sauces and toppings. I love a little lemon in with a cherry sauce, but it brings a great acidity to many fruits. Skip it with especially tart fruits, but add a tablespoon to strawberry or blueberry sauce for something special. If you taste a sauce or sorbet base and find it too sweet, lemon may be the best way to fix it.


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