Oranges and Winter Months

Tuesday September 18, 2012

By Kimberly Kunaniec

Although it is still warm here, we are starting to see signs that fall and winter are approaching. The sun is setting earlier, the nights are cooler, and there was even a drizzle of rain recently. It's become a time to look forward to the fall and winter months ahead.

Winter doesn't mean the end of great produce. In many parts of the US (and the world), there is a variety of produce that ripens in the winter. One of my favorites is Florida oranges. They are perfect for making orange desserts, such as my favorite orange sorbet recipe.

Luckily, there are many great varieties of orange juice available on the shelves if the oranges aren't great when you want to make the recipe. Look for fresh, not from concentrate juices that have little to no added sugar. Once the juice is frozen into sorbet (or other desserts, like granitas or popsicles), you won't be able to tell much of a difference at all.


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